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Etilplast: Watch the video…

May 6, 2009 | Comments Off | Enterprises, Videos

Etilplast, a cartonero’s adventure, now the movie:


Fair Street - Etilplast from Angalio Productions on Vimeo.

Fair Street is interested in the role of finance in the development of social entrepreneurship. But globally, what is the purpose of finance in the economy? The financial crisis which started almost two years ago has turned into an economic crisis. Why? How come the financial sector has such an influence on economic development? Bruno Colmant has agreed to answer Fair Street’s questions!

Since September 2007, Bruno Colmant has been CEO of Euronext Bruxelles. He is also a member of the NYSE Euronext Management Committee where he holds the position of Deputy Chief Financial Officer. Before presiding over the Brussels stock market, and after having spent a large part of his career within the ING Group, Bruno Colmant was Didier Reynders’ Chief Executive.

Author of several financial works, he is a professor at several universities, including UCL and the Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School.

Watch Bruno Colmant’s interview for Fair Street!

Fair Street - Interview de Bruno Colmant from Angalio Productions on Vimeo.

CO2 neutral

May 1, 2009 | Comments Off | Travelogue, FairExchange, Videos

It is essential nowadays to take into account the impact of our actions upon the environment. That is why Fair Street is CO2 neutral for all transport-related emissions! Watch this great video directed by Angalio Production and CO2logic to learn more about global warming.

Climat Change from Angalio Productions on Vimeo.