Social entrepreneurship & finance


April 1, 2009

Why Fair Street ?

Since the current economic crisis having been provoked by a financial crisis, the entire financial system, and its relationship to the economy, is now being called into question. Rather than debating past excesses, the objective of Fair Street is to serve the economy by putting forward a new financial plan.

Fair Street will take an interest in social enterprises, often founded by extraordinary individuals, who seek to resolve the problems of the most destitute people.

First, we will assess the virtues of these initiatives, measuring their social and economic impact as business models. Then we will take a closer look at the role of finance in the development of these companies in order to demonstrate how finance can play a role in economic and social development.

The value of finance at the heart of social entrepreneurship can take several different forms:

  • the financing of these companies: we will present the various financial players that support them.
  • through the various financial innovations that would allow them to extend their impact.


  • To participate in the debate on the role of finance in the real economy
  • To reinforce the role of social entrepreneurship as an activity generating sustainable wealth through the reconciliation of economic and social interests.
  • To return to the original role of finance which, by supporting entrepreneurial initiative through the provision of capital, is the driving force of the economy — and, consequently, of growth.

On the ground

  • To go and meet social entrepreneurs and various financial players who support them throughout Latin America.
  • To diversify the social problems treated (environment, health, financial services…) and geographical areas: Buenos Aires, Bariloche, Jujuy (Argentina), Cochabamba, La Paz (Bolivia), Lima, Huancayo (Peru), and Santiago (Chile).
  • To gain a deeper understanding of the companies’ business models, their philosophies and the role of finance in their development.