Social entrepreneurship & finance


April 1, 2009


The company enjoys a prime position in the market for frozen vegetables, fruits, pasta and rice. The close attention it pays to nature through all its activities makes it a model for all companies in Belgium.

The Delhaize group is a global leaders in the distribution of food products. The support it offers to Fair Street falls within the scope of the group’s general philosophy: “To act as a community-based company.”

Very sensitive to the issue of sustainable development and keen to support young people’s initiatives, BNP Paribas Fortis has from the start been very enthusiastic about the values put forward by Fair Street.

Puilaetco is a Belgian private bank specializing in the management, valuation and transfer of assets. As with all its clients, to whom it offers a personalized approach, Puilaetco has given our project particular attention.

The Triodos Bank invests its clients’ money by financing companies which satisfy the most exacting social and ecological standards. Its values, as expressed in its current communication campaign “If money is at the root of all evil, it is also at its end”, fits perfectly with Fair Street’s philosophy.

Callatay&Wouters provides IT solutions to retail, private and corporate banks.
Their specialized support allows us to cover our logistical expenses.

Caméléon is the privileged partner of major clothing brands and organizes exclusive private sales for its members. Caméléon’s strategy is based on a sustainable and ecological approach, and we are proud to be wearing the clothes they have given us over the course of our association.

Canon lends us the necessary equipment for our photo and video reporting during our three-month adventure. By supporting Fair Street, Canon further implements the commitment it made by signing “You can” to use image in favor of individual creativity.

Lima is a pioneer in biological food products in Belgium and allows us, with its support, to neutralize the CO2 emissions linked to our transports. This CO2 neutrality means a great deal to us, and adds another dimension to Fair Street.


Angalio produces and distributes films on market players that make the world a better place. The objective is to promote their actions among the general public as well as with their targeted public. We are delighted to enjoy the benefits of their talent and expertise for our film making.

CO2logic calculates, reduces and compensates for its clients’ CO2 emissions. It is through their intervention that Fair Street neutralizes the CO2 emissions caused by our transports. We also thank them for their advice regarding the environmental impact of the project.

L’Echo is the leading economic and financial daily newspaper in francophone Belgium. It is an honor for us to be collaborating with them, not only in the context of our Fair Street blog, but also with a view to writing a feature when we return.

Spike agency aims at increasing the visibility of its clients by better incorporating their philosophy in their communication strategies. By creating our logo, they have clearly reached this objective, which has helped us a lot with all the contacts that we have established.

Visualguru specializes in the creation of websites which allow companies to increase their visibility. Ben’s talent and his attention have allowed to transform our idea into an ideal website. Many thanks!