Social entrepreneurship & finance

SVC/SE (Miami), March 17-19, 2010

Fair Street’s main objective is to show how finance can support the development of Social Entrepreneurs. In our various reports, we emphasized the crucial role of finance in allowing entrepreneurs to successfully carry out their innovative ideas.
In the recent years, several conferences have taken place to allow the actors of the impact investing sector to [...]

Jacqueline Novogratz on Social Return

If measuring financial return on an investment has becoming a common practice, measuring social return still faces several issues and there is no global consensus yet on the way it should be assessed. To invest with impact, it is however a key information; on the first hand for the investor anxious about the impact generated [...]

Ciudad Saludable: The video report!

Ciudad Saludable (healty City) is a NGO that develops micro-enterprises focusing on waste management in Lima. Founded by Albina Ruiz, Ciudad Saludable encourages and helps “recicladores” to organize themselves and create their micro-organisation. It has created 150 new jobs and Albina Ruiz pays a special attention to the self-estime and the dignity of the workers. [...]

Ciudad Saludable : Solutions in the waste

Our Peruvian report takes place in Lima where we met Albina Ruiz, founder and manager of Ciudad Saludable. Throughout our interview with Albina, we were really impressed by her enthusiasm and by her optimistic vision of the future. After this meeting, we have headed towards “El Pino”, one of Lima’s poorest neighbourhoods. There, we observed [...]

Fair Street and microfinance

Fair Street’s objective being to put forward an ethical and responsible finance, our interest in microfinance is obvious as it is one of the financial activities that has contributed the most to reduce poverty during the last three decades. Reduced to its simplest, microfinance is “the access to capital for the most vulnerable communities”. Today, [...]

Blue Orchard: Microfinance Investment Managers

Blue Orchard is the main commercial investor in the microfinance sector. Created in 2001 and headquartered in Geneva, Blue Orchard supported in the year 2008 more than 140 institutions in 40 countries .
Blue Orchard’s mission is to empower the poor world-wide and improve their quality of life by promoting income-generating activities through private investments in microfinance.
Practically, Blue [...]

Alterfin: Invest in a better world

One of the main challenges of the microfinance institution CRECER is to have enough capital to answer the growing demand for micro-loans while preserving its solidity. To face this challenge, CRECER needs the support of external investors such as Alterfin that provides it with financial backup. The impact of such external investors is huge as [...]

CRECER: The video report!

CRECER (Credito Con Educacion Rural) is a microfinance institution based in La Paz, Bolivia that focuses its activities on the development of rural communities in Bolivia. Using the “Village Banking” model, CRECER offers financial services combined with education programs to the most destitute Bolivian women. Changing the lives of more than 97,000 families, CRECER aims [...]

CRECER: Microfinance and education for rural development

Our sixth company visit takes place in La Paz, Bolivia where we have been warmly welcomed by the staff of CRECER, a microfinance institution. After a very interesting interview with CRECER’s management team, we went to “El Alto”, the poorest neighbourhood of La Paz, to meet microentrepreneurs and observe CRECER’s work on the field.
Problematic and [...]

SEAF: Connecting local enterprises with the world

In 2002, Coronilla received $400 000 from the SEAF investment fund. This contribution, in debt and capital has enabled Coronilla to convert itself into a stock corporation and to develop its exports. In 2004, Coronilla has bought back its shares to SEAF.
Small Enterprise Assistance Fund (SEAF) is an investment fund based in Washington DC. It [...]